" I have passionately pursued my love of painting since 1975.

In recent years I have completed many private commissions and my works have found their way into collections in Argentina, North America, Israel, Europe and Australia, as well as throughout New Zealand.

My works express an underlying connection with the natural environment, in particular an empathy with native birds combined with a celebration of the joyous aspects of life. My more recent works focus on issues such as the encroachment of human activity on the limited natural resources we have left, and the historical effects of settlement on the native land species found in my locality.

Over the past decade I have greatly enjoyed my involvement with my two sons. I have also enjoyed working as a part-time Montessori teacher while creating as much time to paint as possible."

Clare Reilly

In a Pear Tree (2004)
Article by Christopher Moore

West to East
Article by Zoe Reeves

Reilly, Podstolski, Ball (2004)
Review by Lloyd Harwood

Tuis at Te Kinga (2003)
Review by Wayne Lorimer

Austral Paintings (2002)
Review by Wayne Lorimer

The Art of Living (1992)
Article by Frances Adank

Review by John Coley, 1981

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