Clare Reilly: Paintings


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Approaching Dreamtime
Approaching Dreamtime (2011)
Coastal Dawn
Coastal Dawn (2012)
The Delicious Integrifolia
The Delicious Integrifolia (2012)
Flight Dance I
Flight Dance I (2012)
Flight Dance II
Flight Dance II (2012)
The Hush of Dawn
The Hush of Dawn (2012)
Karaka (2011)

Korimako's Morning
Korimako's Morning (2012)

Meditation Garden

Meditation Garden (2012)

Pigeonwood at the Bay
Pigeonwood at the Bay (2012)

The Promise of Spring

The Promise of Spring (2012)

The Quiet Bay

The Quiet Bay (2012)

The Rata Tree
The Rata Tree (2012)

The Saddleback's View
The Saddleback's View (2012)

Seeking Sanctuary
Seeking Sanctuary (2011)
Sojourn (2012)
The Walnut Grove
The Walnut Grove (2012)
Warratahs (2012)
When the Kowhai Blooms
When the Kowhai Blooms (2011)
Wild Echiums
Wild Echiums (2011)

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