Writings by Max Podstolski


Alter Ego, 1994 


Art at the End of the 20th century
(Oct. 1999)

The Elegant Pisser: Fountain by "R. Mutt"
(Nov. 1999)

Sensation and the Shark (Deceased): Art, Entertainment, Mortality, and Media Frenzies
(Dec. 1999)

Painting the Island of the Day Before: W. D. Hammond
(Jan. 2000)

Dreaming the Day Before the Day Before the New Millenium
(Feb. 2000)

Imperial Clem: the Scapegoat of the Contemporary Art World
(Mar. 2000)

Futurism (Marinetti) vs. Bestism (ARTnews): May the Best Future Win
(April 2000)

The Invisible Interior of Artistic Humanity
(June 2000)

Chasing Sublimity: Nature, Self and Art
(Aug. 2000)

About Art: to Yasmina Reza, playwright
(Oct. 2000)

The Return of the Sublime: the Romantic Impulse
(Nov. 2000)

Head vs. Heart: a Critique of the Stuckist Manifesto
(May 2002)

On Martin Creed's Lights Going On and Off
(June 2002)

Captain Stuckist: Charles Thomson interviewed
(Nov. 2002)



Network, 1996